Rosie's Wonders
Scarves, Jewelry, Cards and other Wonders, handmade in Vermont by Rosie Schulick

I have always loved making art. Since I was a child I’ve been illustrating, weaving and beading jewelry for sale. I studied the advanced art of weaving while in high school at The Putney School in Putney Vermont. I went on to study color and the visual arts at Bennington College in Bennington Vermont and received my B.A. I currently handcraft wearable art for my business Rosie’s Wonders in Brattleboro Vermont. The Vermont hills and the many colors of its changing seasons inspire my art. I use only natural fibers such as bamboo, Tencel, specialized wool, cotton and silk to create my hand-woven scarves and shawls and use four and eight shaft looms to design original, intricate patterns. I handcraft my beaded jewelry into delicate necklaces in an array of semi-precious beads knotted on silk, and design fun, artsy earrings in defining beaded combinations on sterling silver. My original note cards are hand drawn in whimsical illustrations, some in pen and ink, and others with accents or wild bursts of color. All of my Rosie’s Wonders make wonderful unique gifts.

An up close look at my hand-woven scarves and shawls will reveal deeply textured and intricate plays of color coming through the natural fibers and original designs. When I studied weaving at The Putney School in Vermont I was fortunate to be able to practice with many natural fibers on various looms, experimenting with a wide range of patterns and design. Now my hand-woven scarves and shawls are true handmade wearable art, a beauty to behold, soft to the touch, both warm and stylish. I have many customers who after purchasing one for themselves buy them time and again as gifts. Here is what some happy customers report:

"Rosie, not only do I love my scarf, but so, too, does everyone who has received one as a gift from us. Your craftsmanship is evident throughout -- there is a level of quality that one simply doesn't find anymore; this is reflective in the intricacy of your weaving, the depth and complexity of colors and the 'feel' of the scarf in your hand...something that's not easy to describe in words but instantly communicated when you pick one up."
BL, Putney, Vermont

“I commissioned Rosie's Wonders to make a scarf for my mother, who loved autumnal colors. I described the kind of golds, crimsons, and deep purple that my mother identified with, and when her scarf arrived she was thrilled! The way the colors were chosen was so skillful and gorgeous; my mother immediately wanted another one! Thank you Rosie!”
JS, Brooklyn, NY

“The intricacy of color and design in my Rosie’s Wonder shawl is a sight to behold. It is a hand-woven delight I will always cherish. Now I know what to give to everyone I love as gifts. Thank you!”
B.L.S., Brattleboro, Vermont

Bead work has always fascinated me and I’ve been making and selling handcrafted beaded jewelry since I was ten years old. Each beaded necklace I design utilizes one or more type of semi-precious stones carefully knotted onto silk. I use a range of bead sizes and either allow one type of stone and size to elegantly showcase the piece in a delicate row on the string, or I utilize different semi-precious stones in creative handcrafted combinations.

I’ve been drawing and illustrating for as long as I can remember. My favorite activity as a child was to sit with art supplies creating original note cards to give as gifts to friends and family. I chose both Putney School and Bennington College for their dedication to the arts which allowed me to build on this innate passion. My Rosie’s Wonders note card illustrations concern the whimsy of animals, children and nature and are subtly inspired by my Vermont surroundings. I use post consumer recycled stock for these eco-notecards.